Call or email us anytime to discuss your product and marketing goals. This will help us decide on what are the best options for you to ensure your products are not only compliant with Australian regulations, but also create the biggest impact in the marketplace.

Flow chart

  • The preliminary discussions and emails are given free of charge
  • Once you are confident and feel fully informed you will be asked to sign our Client Agreement and pay your deposit as an advance against work we are about to do on your behalf
  • Only when you instruct us in writing and we have received the deposit, will we then begin to work on your particular project
  • Our technical team, comprised of highly experienced researchers with credentials in science, botanic medicine, drug development, human nutrition and marketing will work on your project. Our in-house processes have been developed over twenty years and we are constantly keeping up to date with the latest changes in Australian & New Zealand Government regulations. Throughout the life of your project, we will be liaising with you about any fine tuning of your requirements. We also act as a bridge between you, and government agencies, manufacturers, attorneys, advertising agents and any other relevant parties
  • As we work on your project, rest assured that you will only receive advice from us that has been compiled by experts and double checked by our managers, before being issued to you
  • The final product can then be supplied with confidence.

The time taken for this entire process, from initial conversation to putting your final product on the shelf, can vary from several weeks to several months. This will depend on the complexity of your project, the nature of any claims, the availability of ingredients, alterations to the initial instructions, accuracy of the information that you supply to us and other such variables.

Due to these considerations costs can also vary. We will offer you suggestions as to how to minimise our time on your project and thus keep your costs down.


Contact us now to discuss your ideas.


Robert Forbes & Associates is now trading as RFA Regulatory Affairs

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