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Changes to the Requirements for Labelling Medicines

This document compares the new Therapeutic Goods Order 79 (TGO 79) Standard for the labelling of medicines with the current Therapeutic Goods Order 69 (TGO 69) General requirements for labels for medicines. This document has been prepared to help those who are familiar with TGO 69 quickly see the differences between TGO 69 and TGO 79.



TGA has a New Tool That Helps to Decide Whether a Product is a Therapeutic Good or Food

The TGA has updated information on its website which claims to assist importers, manufacturers and suppliers to determine whether their products are food or therapeutic goods. Such products are described as being at the food-medicine interface. Source:

A TGA presentation at a recent Australian Self Medication Industry conference, addressed this topic.Source:

(Editor’s note: the accuracy of this guideline has recently been questioned at an industry symposium).


Low Value Turnover Allows for Reduced Fees

All sponsors of products listed with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) know that they have to pay an annual fee to the TGA for each product listed. Currently the fee for a single listed therapeutic product or complementary medicine is $940. But did you know that you can apply to have this fee waived if the turnover for the last financial year falls below a threshold level?



Coca-Cola Agrees to Settle Long-Running Dispute on ‘Vitaminwater’

Coca-Cola has agreed to settle a series of 'copycat' lawsuits accusing it of deceptively marketing Vitaminwater. But the lawsuit that inspired them all - filed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest in 2009 - is still pending, as the CSPI says it wants stronger commitments from Coke.  Read all of Elaine Watson’s story here:


TGA Announces Increased Application Audit Requirements for Some Medical Devices

Following a damning report published in the British Medical Journal (October 2012), the TGA has announced increased audit requirements for medical devices using conformity assessment by selected European notified bodies. The TGA is conducting these application audits to obtain its own evidence of the quality of certificates and reports issued by these notified bodies.



FSANZ Calls for Submissions Regarding Health Claims for Sports Foods & Drinks

Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ) invites comment on allowing formulated supplementary sports foods to carry health claims about physical performance and sport-related beneficial physiological effects beyond current limited permissions and to enable electrolyte drinks to make self-substantiated health claims. Closing date for submissions is September 30, 2014



TGA Safety Advisories August 2014

Illegal and unsafe medicines continue to arrive in Australia and be intercepted by Australian Government authorities:

Slyn Both Green capsules (contains sibutramine)

Slyn Both (Men & Women) capsules (contains Fluoxetine;Orlistat)


Maggie Beer Falls Foul of ACCC Over Labelling

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has accepted a court enforceable undertaking from Maggie Beer Products Pty Ltd (Maggie Beer Products) in which Maggie Beer Products acknowledges that its conduct was likely to have been misleading, in breach of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).



NSW Food Authority Media Release: “Busting Food Furphies”

There are plenty of myths around food safety and Dr. Lisa Szabo is always keen to bust the food furphies that could put people’s health at risk.

"A common one is the notion of the five second rule, that if you drop food on the floor but pick it up quickly enough your food should be fine."



Australia Moves to Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Australian cosmetics could become free from animal testing with a new public consultation being launched to figure out how to enact laws that will completely ban the practice.

Source SMH:



Business opportunity:

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