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Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) notification circular “Health claims for sports foods and electrolyte drinks”
February 21

P1030 - The purpose of this Proposal is to permit sports foods to carry health claims about physical performance and sport-related beneficial physiological effects and to enable electrolyte drinks to make self-substantiated health claims beyond current limited permissions.




TGA issues information for sponsors regarding marketing complementary medicines with soft gel capsules for children

February 19

In response to a consumer query, the TGA has investigated potential safety issues with complementary medicines with soft gel capsule dosage forms in children. As part of this investigation, the TGA sought independent expert medical advice, which stated that these products may pose a choking hazard for children, especially those aged under five years. As a result, there is a risk that such products may be non-compliant with the requirements set out in the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.

The TGA has also published a safety advisory regarding this choking hazard for children.




TGA Issues safety Advisory

February 18

Lian Zhan Qi Tian capsules pose a serious risk to your health and should not be taken.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has tested Lian Zhan Qi Tian capsules and found that they contain the undeclared prescription substance sildenafil. Consumers are advised that sildenafil is a prescription-only substance (which is the active ingredient in the medicine Viagra).




NSW Food Authority brings food safety forum to Bankstown March 5th, 2014

February 17

Food safety will be on the menu when Bankstown City Council hosts the next Retail and Food Service Industry Forum next month. NSW Food Authority CEO Polly Bennett said the forum is one of a series of regular consultation events the NSW Food Authority delivers across the state.

"Food safety is the top priority of the NSW Food Authority and having direct contact like this is an effective way of providing information, education and dialogue between retail food businesses, council Environmental Health Officers, who are responsible for the inspections of food retail premises, and the Authority," Ms Bennett said.




The Australian Government has paid tribute to the work of a committee of eminent health experts.

February 12

The Australian government is paying tribute to the work of a committee of eminent health experts that was originally established in the wake of the tragic thalidomide experience 50 years ago. Launching a commemorative booklet about the 50 year history of the Australian Drug Evaluation Committee, the Federal Assistant Minister for Health, Senator Fiona Nash, commended the many distinguished past and present health professionals who have served on this committee which has helped ensure medicines on the Australian market are effective and as safe as possible.




TGA orders retraction from Lifelixer Pty Ltd - Complaint No. 2012-03-026

February 6

Lifelixer Pty Ltd has been ordered to undertake a number of actions regarding internet advertisements for the product Lifelixer, including but not limited to withdrawing the advertisements and publishing a retraction on its websites. The TGA listed eighteen different breeches of the act, made several orders and demanded publication of a comprehensive retraction statement.




Cancellations from the ARTG following review

February 6

Trans - B (Secretlife Biotech Corporation Pty Ltd)

  • Premium Shark Cartilage (Australian Medicinal Foods Co) Cancelled under s30 (1C) of the Act. The sponsor failed to comply within the required timeframe with a notice under section 31 of the Act requiring it to provide information about whether the product should have been listed.




The International Alliance for Dietary / Food Supplement Associations (IADSA) issues new publication, ”Shelf-Life Recommendations for Supplements”

January 2014

For the past decade IADSA has been a trusted source of information about regulatory and scientific developments in the world and the technical requirements of food supplement manufacture.       “As part of good manufacturing practice, products should meet specifications throughout their shelf-life, and are generally labelled with a date through which the product’s potency is assured by the supplement manufacturer. These guidelines on shelf-life recommendation provide information on factors that could affect shelf-life, parameters to be taken into account for shelf-life testing and sources of data that can be used or need to be developed to assist manufacturers in defining and supporting the shelf-life dates of their products”.

This information will not be relevant to Australian sponsors of complementary medicines, who have routinely been carrying out stability testing on finished products for many years.

This interesting publication can be read here:



Quest for green sustains naturals market in Western Europe

January 28

According to market researcher Frost & Sullivan, the natural and organic cosmetics market in Western Europe will rise to $800 million by 2017.




PepsiCo rebrands 'Natural' products with 'Simply'

January 25

PepsiCo has quietly gotten rid of the word "Natural" in some of its products and instead is going with "Simply." The company changed its "Simply Natural" line of Frito-Lay chips to simply be called "Simply," although the ingredients remain the same. Similarly, its "Natural Quaker Granola" got a makeover as "Simply Quaker Granola." The food and beverage giant says the name changes, which took place last year, are the result of it updating its marketing. But they come at a time when PepsiCo and other companies face legal challenges over their use of the word "natural."

The US Food and Drug Administration doesn't have a definition for what constitutes "natural," but says it doesn't object to the word's use as long as the product doesn't contain "added colour, artificial flavours or synthetic substances." Still, a number of lawsuits recently have challenged whether the ingredients in products labelled as "natural" fit that billing.

Source, (New Zealand Herald) :



Prince Charles makes plea on alternative medicine

January 19

The Prince of Wales calls for alternative medicine to be treated fairly and for regulation to govern its use. The Prince of Wales is pushing for an acceptance of complementary medicines and urging medical watchdogs to regulate their professions in order to better protect patients.

Read report by Laura Donnelly, (Telegraph, Health Correspondent):



DAFF reports “High compliance rates for imported foods”

January 14

Results of tests applied to food imported to Australia show a consistently high rate of compliance with Australia's strict food standards. The Department of Agriculture's First Assistant Secretary of Border Compliance, Colin Hunter, said the report demonstrates that the rigorous testing that Australia undertakes on imported foods works. "We have a thorough process which checks that food products imported to Australia meet our strict import conditions, are correctly labelled and are safe for consumers," Mr Hunter said.

The full report is available at:



RFA News & Conferences:
Natural Products Expo West 2014 Anaheim Convention Centre, California USA 6-9 March 2014.

“Where doing business just comes naturally”

This is the world’s largest trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry!

RFA Regulatory Affairs will be present and represented by Robert Forbes (Managing director), Michelle Palmer (International business manager), and Louis Droulers; all of whom will be available for face-to-face meetings. Please contact us if you wish to arrange a business meeting: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Also, American Botanical Council Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal will speak at a panel discussion on "Truths and Myths: Global Trends in Herbs, Spices, and Botanicals" on Thursday, March 6, 2:00 - 2:50 PM PST Anaheim Hilton, California Ballroom B



NPNZ - Natural Products New Zealand Industry Summit 2014 The Rutherford, Nelson NZ 19-21 March 2014

“Join us for an inspiring conference in Nelson with great speakers who will set the scene and provide you with practical examples of how they achieved success and what you can do in your businesses to do the same. As always, the annual Summit is also an opportunity for you to connect with industry colleagues, learn from each other and soak up the vibrancy that is the natural products industry”.

As usual, RFA Regulatory Affairs will be attending this conference and we hope to see you there. If you would like to take this opportunity to arrange a personal appointment with either Robert Forbes (Managing Director), or our new team members, Petra Henniger (Regulatory Affairs Manager) & Michelle Palmer (International Business Manager), then please contact Michelle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and she can set this up for you.

Summit details:



Food Ingredients China 2014 Trade Expo March 25 – 27, 2014 Shanghai

Interested in all things food? Interested in the China market?

Read all about it at



Vitafoods Asia – The Nutraceutical Event for Asia 3 – 4 September, 2014 Hong Kong

Be part of Asia’s only nutraceutical event and take your share of this thriving industry

Details at:



ACCORD - Cosmetic & Personal Care Conference, 22nd October, 2014 Sydney

Accord Australasia Limited is the national industry association for the Australasian hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products industry.

Accord's highly successful Cosmetic & Personal Care Conference will be on again in October 2014! 
The theme is The Big Picture, and the Conference will look at global initiatives including issues management, ingredient defence and harmonisation of regulation. A range of international and local industry speakers will be invited to present. 
Don't miss out on this key event for the cosmetic industry.  Watch for more information from January 2014 and get in early as this event is always oversubscribed.

More info on this important event at:


Business opportunity -Private investor wanted.

5th generation TCM practitioner already selling product into Vietnam and other South East Asian countries is looking for a business partner. If interested please contact Louis Droulers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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