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Issue 110

May 2012

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Latest Regulatory News

ACCC acts on homeopathic website
Claims on the site Homoeopathy Plus! that whooping cough vaccine is dangerous and ineffective and that a “proven and safe” homoeopathic remedy should be the only medicine for treatment and prevention of whooping cough have been removed after being deemed to be false and misleading.

New head of TGA
Dr John Skerritt, a pharmacologist and adjunct professor at the University of Queensland has been appointed as the new head of the TGA.


Review of medicine labelling and packaging
The release date for the review of labelling and packaging has been put back to allow time for the TGA to prepare an illustrated 3D guideline for consumers.

TGA releases draft of new guidelines for evidence for claims for listed medicines
The TGA has released controversial draft guidelines for what constitutes evidence for listed medicines. It has been universally condemned as being unrealistic and unnecessarily onerous. The cut off date for comments is 25th May. Persons with an interest in complementary medicines are urged to review this document and forward comments. RFA will be submitting comments through the peak industry body for regulatory consultants, the ATGC.
Warning on use of Burmese medicines
The TGA and various State Health departments have issued warnings regarding imported but unapproved traditional Burmese medicines prescribed for children after high levels of lead and arsenic were detected.


Foods for Special Medical Purposes
Food Standards Australia New Zealand is preparing a new food standard for foods for special medical purposes. These specially formulated foods are used by health professionals to manage the diets of people with ongoing chronic medical conditions or during acute phases of illness or injury.
New chemicals on Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS)
NICNAS has released details of several new chemicals which are eligible for inclusion on the AICS.
Food recalls
RFA news will no longer report on food recalls due to the regular occurrence of recalls. Information on recalls can be found on the websites of Australia’s state and territory health authorities.

TGA publishes draft compositional guideline for magnesium citrate - dibasic tetrahydrate
Magnesium citrate dibasic tetrahydrate is permitted in listed complementary medicines. Closing date for comments on this draft guideline is 22nd  June 2012.

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