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Issue 106 May - August 2011

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RFA in Brief

Dear subscribers, it has been some months since our last newsletter. During this time we have updated our website and changed the way we deliver regulatory news to you. News is now posted on our website as it happens, and the headlines are simultaneously posted to our Twitter service @rfaupdates.

We are now relaunching our newsletter with a different look and format. The news items below are a summary of all the news posted on our site since the last newsletter, and each headline has a link to more details. We will now be publishing this newsletter more frequently but you can get news faster at www.robert-forbes.com or through our twitter feed.

OTC & Complementary Medicines


Another herbal product found to be adulterated with Sildenafil derivative (12 September 2011).

Australian sunscreen experts release a global guide to test requirements (10 August 2011)

Guide to common breaches of therapeutic goods advertising code (5 August 2011)

"Invisible Zinc" sunscreen product advertising breaches (5 August 2011)

Hedrin head lice product advertising breaches (5 August 2011)

Review of medicine labelling and packaging (5 August 2011)

Potential microbiological contamination of fenugreek (20 July 2011).

TGA orders company to stop advertising its sunscreen as “nano-free" (20 July 2011).

Cannabis-like drugs prohibited from 8th July (8 July 2011)

TGA policy on claims for listed medicines relating to cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar (8 July 2011).

Draft compositional guideline: Steviol glycosides (28 June 2011)

Draft compositional guideline: DHA-rich oil derived from microalgae Schizochytrium species (28 June 2011)

FDA Releases final Sunscreen Monograph (22 June 2011)

Trans-Tasman agency back on the agenda (20 June 2011)

TGA warns consumers not to buy certain products marketed on the internet as being purely “herbal" when in fact they are contaminated (16 June 2011)

Goods that are excluded from being therapeutic goods (6 June 2011)

Review of OTC medicine guidelines (6 June 2011)

TGA advice for applications for registered complementary medicines (6 June 2011)

Revised guidelines for overseas manufacturers (25 May 2011)

The distinction between live probiotic ingredients and deliberately killed microorganisms of the same species/strain (3 May 2011)

TGA compositional guidelines are not legally binding (3 May 2011)

TGA warns do not take Natural Vigra VIAGRA tablets (3 May 2011)

Compliance with ministerial and default standards (12 April 2011)



Food authority warns against taking performance enhancing coffee products that may contain undeclared drugs (19 July 2011).

Review of Sports Food Products (25 May 2011)

Recent food recalls include pine nuts, fruit jelly and fetta cheese (25 May 2011)

Response to food labelling recommendations due December this year (12 May 2011)

Growing concern over caffeine-containing beverages (12 May 2011)

Food recalls: Woolworths Almond Kernels and Haldirams Gulab Jamuns (3 May 2011)

Low THC hemp (cannabis) to be approved in foods? (3 May 2011)

Genetically modified soybeans containing an alternative source of omega-3 fatty acids (3 May 2011)

Proposal to reduce the minimum alcohol content for wine (3 May 2011)

Cosmetic, personal care & household products


Warning notice Keratin Complex Intense Rx (1 June 2011)

Restriction on triclosan in cosmetics (4 May 2011)

Assessment of nanomaterials (4 May 2011)

NICNAS cosmetic guidelines updated (4 May 2011)

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