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ACCC Issues Fine for Fake Tea Tree Oil

North Coast producers of pure tea oil have welcomed an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) crack-down on fraudulent imitations. Australian supplier of Bosisto’s tea tree oil, Felton Grimwade and Bosisto’s has paid a penalty of $10,800 following the issue of an infringement notice in what is being heralded as a win for the provenance brand. North Coast producers pride themselves on distilling a 100 per cent pure product that causes no skin irritations but chemically ‘correct’ imitations, created from waste pine oil or waste eucalyptus oil have in recent times flooded the market, presenting themselves as ‘100pc pure’ at a much lower cost to the consumer…  In 2013 it had 60 samples of products labelled as pure tea tree oil collected from Australian companies and 40 from overseas companies independently analysed this year. Tony Larkman from the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association has said previously that fake oil has the potential to cause skin irritations and damage the reputation of the pure product. “Initial results are showing all Australia samples, except one, was pure tea tree oil but a significant number from other countries was adulterated,” Mr Larkman said.  “One in four from Germany were adulterated, (as were) 100pc from China, 75pc from the US and 90pc from the UK.”  Source: Jamie Brown, The Land Tea tree fakes


TGA Releases Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation Review

The Australian Government Response to the Review of Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation has been released. It identifies ways to improve access to therapeutic goods for consumers and remove unnecessary red-tape for industry whilst maintaining the safety of therapeutic goods in Australia.   Source: TGA MMDR ; TGA MMD advertising 


ASMI Welcomes Decisions on the Regulation of Medicines

The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) welcomed the majority of the Federal Government’s decisions regarding the regulation of medicines and medical devices. Of all relevant recommendations to non-prescription medicines, ASMI is aligned with almost all of the government’s recommendations. However ASMI disagrees with government’s decision to retain restrictions on the advertising of Schedule 3 (S3) medicines and to replace the current mandatory advertising pre-approvals system with a self-regulatory system.   Source: ASMI MMDR response; See also, NutraIngredients Oz reg changes


Australia's Medicine Labels are Becoming Clearer

When you buy prescription and over-the-counter medicines, sunscreens or vitamin supplements, you need important information to help you make an informed choice. Medicine labels tell you what you are buying, what the medicine can do for you and how to use it. The Therapeutic Goods Administration has announced changes to medicine labels to make important information about medicines easier to find. These changes are the result of many years of consultation - they bring Australian medicine labels up to date with international best practice.   Source: Clearer labelling


EasyMeals Admits Misleading Consumers

Online food retailer EasyMeals by Flavour Makers Pty Ltd (EasyMeals) has provided a court enforceable undertaking to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in relation to its conduct in the marketing and supply of its pre-packaged meals. EasyMeals has admitted it contravened the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) by representing that EasyMeals’ meals were suitable for all diabetics; making false or misleading representations that consumers could get a free meal simply by providing their contact information; and by, failing to provide customers, who had received unsolicited telemarketing calls, with the information required by the unsolicited consumer agreements provisions of the ACL.   Source: ACCC V EasyMeals


ACCC Takes Action Against Misleading E-Cigarette “No Toxic Chemicals” Claims

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court against The Joystick Company Pty Ltd (Joystick), an online e-cigarette retailer, for alleged false or misleading representations that its products did not contain any toxins or formaldehyde, were “independent from” chemicals found in conventional cigarettes, and had been approved by the ACCC. The ACCC had previously issued Joystick with three infringement notices as it had reasonable grounds to believe that the company had made a number of false or misleading representations. Joystick did not pay the penalties specified in the infringement notices within the specified payment period. The proceedings were commenced after independent testing commissioned by the ACCC indicated that the Joystick’s e-cigarette product tested contained toxic chemicals including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein.   Source: e-cigarettes  


TGA Announces Changes to Sponsorship of Therapeutic Goods

Changes to the sponsorship of therapeutic goods in an entry in the ARTG must be notified to the TGA within 3 months. Circumstances in which the TGA is to be notified are - Change of sponsorship after death, bankruptcy or winding up; Change in business or product ownership; and, Change of sponsor's name.   Source: ARTG sponsorship


TGA Amends Poisons Schedule for Cannabis and Tetrahydrocannabinols

A delegate of the Secretary to the Department of Health hereby gives notice of the delegate's final decisions for amending the Poisons Standard (commonly referred to as the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons - SUSMP). NABIXIMOLS (botanical extract of Cannabis sativa which includes the following cannabinoids: tetrahydrocannabinols, cannabidiol, cannabinol, cannabigerol, cannabichromene, cannabidiolic acid, tetrahydrocannabinolic acids, tetrahydrocannabivarol, and cannabidivarol, where tetrahydrocannabinols and cannabidiol (in approximately equal proportions) comprise not less than 90 per cent of the total cannabinoid content) in a buccal spray for human therapeutic use.   Sources:TGA THC ; Nabiximols


TGA Scheduling Application for Kava

An application was submitted to amend part a) of the Schedule 4 entry for piper methysticum (kava) to exempt powdered and liquid preparations of piper methysticum (kava) dosage forms not exceeding 3 g, and where containing more than 25 mg of kavalactones per dose, compliant with the requirements of the Medicines Advisory Statements Specification. It is also proposed that there is the addition of the mandatory warning statement, "Do not exceed recommended daily dose" to be added to all kava packaging.   Source: TGA Piper m.


TGA Recalls Metagenics NasoClear

Consumers and health professionals are advised that Health World Limitedis recalling batch number 80789 of Metagenics NasoClear 30 mL nasal spray (expiry May 2018). Metagenics NasoClear is a complementary medicine product that combines a saline solution scented with essential oils. It has been identified that some products from the affected batch may contain Staphylococcus aureus, commonly known as golden staph. As of 20 September, no adverse events relating to this issue have been reported in Australia.   Source: Nasoclear


NSW Food Authority Recalls:

CocoLuscious has recalled various certified organic products sold at IGA, Independent Stores and Restaurants, due to the presence of an undeclared allergen (milk).   Source: CocoLuscious

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale has been recalled due to the potential for chemical (cleaning fluid) contamination.   Source: Stone & Wood

Coles Curried Pumpkin and Corn Burgers Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty. Ltd. has recalled Coles Curried Pumpkin and Corn Burgers due to undeclared allergen – gluten (from wheat) due to incorrect back label applied to product.   Source: Coles curried burgers


FSANZ Notifications:

Application A1118 – Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Corn Line MON87419

The purpose of this Application is to seek approval for food derived from genetically modified corn line MON87419 which is tolerant to dicamba and glufosinate herbicides.   Source: Corn

Application A1121 – Oryzin (Protease) from Aspergillus melleus as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)

The purpose of the Application is to permit the use of oryzin (protease) from Aspergillus melleus as an enzyme for use in baking, flavouring production and dairy, egg, meat, fish, protein and yeast processing.   Source:Over the Oryzin

Proposal P1041 – Removal of Country of Origin Labelling Requirements

The purpose of the Proposal is to remove country of origin labelling requirements from the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code as part of proposed new arrangements where the requirements will fall under Australian Consumer Law.   Source:CoOL

Review of Plain English Allergen Labelling

FSANZ has completed a review of plain English allergen labelling, which examined the current allergen labelling requirements in the Food Standards Code to determine whether consumers experience difficulties identifying the presence of allergens from the terminology used to declare the allergen on food labels.   Source: Allergy labelling


Pura and Dairy Farmers Milk Producer Challenges A2 Health Claims in Court

A fight is brewing over the product labelling and health claims of the Australian dairy industry’s most bitter rivals. The a2 Milk Company’s claim that its product is healthier than ordinary milk are set to be tested in open court, after the Lion Group lodged a cross-claim seeking damages for loss of sales. Each company accuses the other of misleading and deceptive conduct in a legal battle that began when A2 sued Lion for putting a label on its Pura- and Dairy Farmers-branded milk, stating that it “naturally contains A2 protein”.   Source: Sour milk


'Bias at all Levels': Scathing Review Published into Sweetener-Funded Research

University of Sydney and Ramazzini Institute researchers are claiming widespread bias in industry-funded research into artificial sweeteners, arguing those financially backed by business are far more likely to have favourable results.   Source: Gary Scattergood, Research bias


US FDA Bans Chemicals in Antibacterial Hand Soap Over Health Concerns

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned several key chemicals in antibacterial hand soap, warning of health risks and saying they were not more effective than ordinary soap. The FDA move took aim at 19 ingredients including the two most common, triclosan and triclocarban, which are widely included in liquid and bar antibacterial soaps despite fears they damage the immune system. The FDA stressed that there was no scientific evidence that anti-bacterial washes are better than plain soap and water, but noted that the ban does not include hand disinfectant products used in hospitals and other medical centres.   Sources & related stories:  Soap ban ; Oz soap & Soap comment ; NICNAS Triclosan facts ; Triclosan furphies ;  Antibacterial furphies


FDA Investigating Supplements with Unsafe Lead Levels

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating a dietary supplement found to contain dangerous lead levels.   Source: Joe Whitworth, Life Rising toxicity


Consulting Canadians on the Regulation of Self-Care Products in Canada

Health Canada wants Canadians to be able to trust that self-care products are safe and do what they claim to do.  In order to achieve this, Health Canada is examining new approaches to the regulation of self-care products (i.e., cosmetics, natural health products and non-prescription drugs), including refocusing the approval of health claims to those based on scientific proof.  A new approach will continue to allow for a wide range of products to be available for Canadian consumers, while, at the same time, taking a more consistent approach to the oversight of self-care products that will ultimately better support consumers’ ability to make an informed decision.  Source: Canadian regulations


Gulf Countries Breached Australian Slaughter Rules for Eid Sacrifices

Australian livestock exporters have identified unapproved supply chains in use in the Middle East over the recent Eid al Adha festival of sacrifice.   Source: RJ Whitehead, Food navigator-Asia Live exports


Swedish Court Throws Out EFSA Vitamin Upper Limits

The Swedish food supplement industry is breathing a sigh of relief that a sales ban imposed on vitamin B6 supplements that exceed “EFSA-recommended upper limits” has been overturned by a Swedish court.   Source: Lynda Searby, Euro B6 limits


Marketing News:


Large Project Puts Algae Under the Nutritional Spotlight in New South Wales

An AUD$9m (US$6.9m) project to boost the potential for algae in the nutrition, supplement and bio-industry has been launched in New South Wales.   Source: Gary Scattergood, Algae report


Label Insight Food Revolution Study – Millennial Mums Lead the Charge for Transparency

The Label Insight Food Revolution Study, released in June of 2016, found that consumers want brands to be completely transparent when it comes to food and personal care products, but they largely do not trust them to accurately provide complete product information. This study surveyed more than 2,000 consumers about their preferences for transparency and how it affects their trust for and loyalty toward brands. The following report aims to define product transparency in the eyes of consumers, highlight the implications of product transparency for brands, shed light on the ways consumers prefer to access this in-demand information and discuss the needs of the increasingly powerful millennial moms demographic.   Source: Marketing transparency


Herbal Dietary Supplement Sales in US Increased by 7.5% in 2015

Sales of herbal dietary supplements in the United States increased by 7.5% in 2015, according to a new market report by the American Botanical Council (ABC).  In 2015, sales for herbal supplements totalled an estimated $6.92 billion, a new sales record. The annual Herb Market Report appears in issue 111 of HerbalGram, which was published in late August. The report covers only retail sales of herbal dietary supplements and does not reflect the sales of most herbal teas, botanical ingredients used in cosmetics, or government-approved herbal drug ingredients in over-the-counter medicines. HerbalGram is available at some bookstores and natural food stores and is a benefit of ABC membership. The annual HerbalGram herb market report article is available for free on the ABC website.   Source: ABC Herbalgram USA herbal sales


Understanding Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi Schemes, and Network Marketing

Editor’s note:This topic was covered previously in our January 2016 Newsletter, but due to much interest and new information we are representing this topic again as these distinctions are very important for all people involved in direct selling. Many articles have been written on this subject. Despite all this, borders between these three concepts remain fuzzy in many minds. This lack of clarity in general public is important because it leads to unfair criticisms pointed out to legitimate businesses.   Source: Hakki Ozmorali, World of Direct Selling Marketing schemes


Why Workplace Leadership Is About To Get Its First Major Makeover In 100 Years

Here we discuss the following themes - Traditional Leadership Practices Are Failing And Businesses Are Paying The Price; The Next Generation Of Workers Demands A Far More Nurturing Form Of Leadership; and, Organizations That Don’t Change Will Be At A Great Competitive Disadvantage. Workplace leadership is failing today largely because it has yet to acknowledge the importance of “emotional currency™” – a form of reward that makes people feel important, supported, valued, developed and appreciated.  In fact, science now has proved that it’s our feelings and emotions that determine our level of engagement in life, what motivates us, and what we care most about.   Source: Blog, Mark C Crowley New leadership



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