Do you import kava for sale or wholesale in NSW? From 1 December last year, commercial imports of kava from Pacific Island nations resumed. From this date, importers have been able to apply for a permit to bring kava into Australia. There are important regulatory requirements and steps that must be taken in order to comply with the Food Act 2003 (NSW) (the Act) and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) for the labelling and sale of kava in NSW.    Source: NSW Food Authority


Definition of “meat”, and labelling of plant based proteins. This is a report of a federal government committee. It states “The perception of competition between the traditional category of meat protein and manufactured plant-based protein was not borne out in consumption or consumer trends”. The committee looked for clarity on labelling terms such as “plant-based burger”. A list of 9 recommendations is contained in their 111 page report.    Source: Australian Federal Parliament.


Country of origin labelling. This recent report states that the current regulations are well planned and implemented and should be retained.    Source: Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.


Food Recalls

Uncle's Smallgoods is conducting a recall of sliced ham due to microbial contamination (listeria monocytogenes).    Source: FSANZ


Failing imported food reports for December 2021

Risk food test results – five products seized (Japan, Zambia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand) problems included excess iodine and histamine, insect infestation, mould, and a prohibited plant.    Source: Dept Agriculture, water and Environment

Surveillance food tests – 15 products, problems included non-permitted ingredients, adulterated honey, and prohibited plants.    Source: Dept Agriculture, water and Environment


Food Standards Development Work Plan

A comprehensive summary of applications received, and proposals prepared, before and from 1 October 2007 onwards.    Source: FSANZ


Call for comment: The use of Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) as a processing aid for the antimicrobial treatment of raw poultry.    Source: FSANZ

FSANZ has approved the following draft variation Proposal P1057– Review of the kava standard:​    Source: FSANZ

FSANZ has approved variations arising from the following applications and proposals and has notified these approvals to the Food Ministers' Meeting:

A1212  – Beta-fructofuranosidase enzyme from Aspergillus fijiensis 

A1230 – Very Low Energy Diets (VLED)​

A1231 - Maltogenic alpha-amylase from GM Escherichia coli as a processing aid (enzyme)​


In the media:

Reading food labels. Interesting article on what claims are regulated, and which are not (such as "wholesome", "natural", "free" and "nutritious"). How to read a food label.    Source: Sydney Morning Herald/Good Food Guide.

Popular diet rules: Fact or Fiction? Includes carbs, calories, fats, and when to eat.    Source: Body and Soul.

Are protein bars healthy? How much protein do you need and from what source?    Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Plant based protein: cost and taste issues.    Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

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