Draft evaluations open for comment:

10 draft evaluation statements that AICIS has:

  • identified as possibly posing a risk to human health and/or the environment
  • are unlikely to require further regulation in Australia to manage environmental risks
  • are not considered for in depth evaluation because they are not commercially active in Australia

Source: AICIS


Equivalent CAS names and numbers. AICIS has published a list of 6 ingredients that have different CAS numbers and names but are actually identical.    Source: AICIS


Additional information published by AICIS on their website

Call for information: chemicals with no known commercial use in Australia – AICIS has identified chemicals on the Inventory that they believe are not being manufactured, imported or used in Australia for commercial purposes. Read draft evaluation provide comments by 28 March 2022 if you are using any of these chemicals.

Call for information on chemicals unlikely to need further environmental risk management controls – AICIS completed a draft evaluation on certain chemicals that they believe do not require further regulatory controls to manage environmental risks. Read draft evaluation and provide comments 28 March 2022 if you have relevant use and hazard information.

Final evaluations and updates to the Rolling Action Plan – AICIS has finalised and published 24 evaluations in January, which covered 1,382 unique chemicals. Evaluations focused on human health and environmental risks associated with the use of certain chemicals listed on Inventory.

Withdrawing pre-introduction reports online – AICIS has updated AICIS Business Services so users can now withdraw a PIR they've already submitted in certain circumstances.

Chemicals added to the Inventory 5 years after issue of assessment certificate.

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