Conditions placed on sunscreens that were tested by AMA Laboratories in the USA.

Sunscreens must be tested to validate the SPF claims. In August 2019 the US FDA announced that several executives and supervising laboratory technicians of AMA Laboratories had pleaded guilty to fraudulent laboratory testing. In September 2020, the TGA contacted all sponsors of Australian sunscreens notifying them of its post-market review of sunscreens.  Sponsors must provide adequate justification for ongoing supply of products that have been tested by AMA Laboratories, such as additional supportive testing data conducted by an independent testing laboratory.    Source: TGA


A list of chemicals added to the Inventory 5 years after issue of assessment certificate

AICIS has released a list of chemicals added to the database from 23rd February to 10th March 2021.    Source: AICIS news.


Guide to categorisation of fluorinated chemicals

This is relevant to importers of products that are fluorinated chemicals. A fluorinated chemical is a chemical that contains one or more fluorine atoms.    Source: AICIS


Soap making and importing

This is a useful guide for importers and manufacturers of soaps and explains when you need to register your business details. It includes information on the processes used to make soaps, and soaps made from natural or organic ingredients.    Source: AICIS


Banned or restricted chemicals

Bans and restrictions on chemicals and consumer product ingredients – including cosmetics – are regulated by each state and territory authority. This explains how different chemical are regulated, and lists over 10 different government authorities that may be involved including The Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons, The Therapeutic Goods Administration, The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, The Department of the Environment and Energy, Safe Work Australia, The National Transport Commission, Australian Border Force, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Australian National Security.    Source: AICIS

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