7 Clear Signals That Today’s Direct Sales Company Should Embrace

(This is an article by Rick Loy, Senior Vice President of US Sales and Training at AdvoCare since 1998. Rick helps companies update their sales efforts taking into account the quickly moving landscape from a regulatory perspective). As Rick says, “’I’m not a lawyer; I’m a traveller alongside you, suggesting things I believe merit attention. My areas of expertise and passion have more to do with equipping and empowering the field, and helping the Home Office strategize how to best support those efforts. But I recognize that, for me to do that well and appropriately, I must be clear on what is and is not acceptable in today’s direct selling environment”.   Source: World of Direct Selling Direct selling tips

[Sponsor Content]: Social Engineering isn’t Just a Buzz Word

This article by Insurance Made Easy Brokers provides our readers with an understanding of the new language surrounding cyber-crime and its possible impact on your business. As they say in the information age, it isn’t a matter of if my business will be hacked but when? Read on to learn more about the new age cyber-terms; how your business could be adversely impacted; and how cyber-Insurance should be considered as a means of reducing your potential financial risk and hardship: IME cyber-insurance

RFA Provides Comprehensive Training in Regulatory Affairs

Are you looking to expand your knowledge or are you new to Australian regulations related to the supply of foods, cosmetics and/or complementary medicines? Then check out the full list of courses we offer on the Robert Forbes & Associates website www.rfaregulatoryaffairs.com/training-courses . There are 20 courses to choose from and any of these can be undertaken either singly or in groups, from within our Glebe, Sydney office, at your office or remotely via Skype. Contact our training manager Kate Durey This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to receive the latest information on these training courses at this discount offer. See you in the classroom!


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