Top Four Dietary Supplement Trends in New Zealand Revealed by National Industry Organisation

Natural Health Products New Zealand has identified four trends driving dietary supplement market growth in the country, ranging from emerging vitamins and minerals, the Ayurveda medicine revival, gut health, and the incorporation of hemp seeds.   Source: (Copyright) Tingmin Koe, Nutra Ingredients-Asia NZ dietary supplement trends

Trends, Packaging and Preparation: Aussie Supermarket Chiefs Reveal Secrets for Food Firms to Get on Shelf

An expert panel from major Australian supermarkets Drakes, Coles and The Natural Grocery Company have revealed that food firms who stay on trend, focus on packaging and come well-prepared will increase their chances of getting their products on store shelves.   Source: (Copyright) Pearly Neo, Food Navigator-Asia Food marketing

How Technology Will Disrupt Direct Selling – Are You Ready?

There is a quote attributed to Henry Ford that goes, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” This quote highlights the fact that when it comes to innovation, incumbents and established entities are blind to what’s coming until it’s too late. What implications are there for direct selling models when innovation and disruption is on the rise?   Source: Vince Han, World of Direct Selling Direct selling disruption

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