Microbeads Now Banned in New Zealand: Is Your Product Affected?

Microbeads are tiny plastic particles, including plastic-based glitter, that are added to products to increase their cleaning or scrubbing power, or to make the product look fun or appealing. From 7 June 2018 onwards, it is illegal to manufacture or sell some products containing microbeads in New Zealand. This guide tells you which products are affected, and what to do if you own products containing microbeads.     Source: NZ EPA NZ microbead ban

What is Australia Doing About Microbeads?

The Department of the Environment and Energy (DoEA) is working with industry and state and territory governments to ensure a voluntary phase-out of microbeads from personal care and cosmetic products by July 2018. The phase-out focusses on microbeads in rinse-off products, which would be reasonably capable of entering the marine environment through normal use. The Department conducted an assessment of progress toward the voluntary phase-out and found that industry is on track to successfully phase out microbeads by 1 July 2018. Source:  Australian microbeads phase-out      For further information on marine debris pollution generally see DoEA site Marine debris


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