NICNAS Calls for Consultation on General Rules, Categorisation Guidelines and Transitional Rules

The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) helps protect the Australian people and the environment by assessing the risks of industrial chemicals and providing information to promote their safe use. This covers a broad range of chemicals including those used in cosmetics, soaps and many other personal hygiene products.  As part of the Australian Government's reforms, NICNAS is seeking comments on the draft changes to the Industrial Chemicals (General) Rules 2018 (General Rules); the Industrial Chemicals Categorisation Guidelines (Categorisation Guidelines); and to the Industrial Chemicals (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Rules 2018 (Transitional Rules). Submission deadline is 31st May 2018.    Source: NICNAS changes

Voluntary Phase - Out of Microbeads a “Success”

In April 2018, the Department of the Environment and Energy, conducted an assessment of progress toward the voluntary industry-led phase-out of microbeads from rinse-off cosmetic, personal care and cleaning products. Australian Federal and State Environment Ministers have expressed satisfaction with the achievements of the voluntary industry phase out; and, have quoted the ‘94 percent microbead-free’ finding of this report’s independent in-store survey of personal care products.    Source:  Microbeads phasing out


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