'Unofficial' Exports Of Aussie Supplements To China Estimated At $800m

Daigou shoppers are believed to have accounted for $800m of 'unofficial' supplement exports from Australia to China in the past year, dwarfing the $320m figure for official exports. ‘Daigou’ are personal shoppers who buy products overseas to ship back to China to sell, usually via e-commerce.   Source: Garry Scattergood, Food Navigator-Asia Daigou shoppers

Organic Growth: Australian Industry Tops $2.4bn With Exports To China And Japan Skyrocketing

The Australian organic industry has been ‘conservatively’ estimated to stand at $2.4bn this year, an 88% increase from 2012, with exports to Asia – most notably China and Japan – enjoying strong growth.   Source: Gary Scattergood, Food Navigator-Asia Oz organics in Asia

Vegan Trend Takes Hold in Australia

 "Every man and his dog is interested in veganism," says Sydney dietitian Nicole Dynan, who predicts the rise in veganism in Australia will only grow. It's backed by market research firm Euromonitor International which predicts that by 2020, Australia's packaged vegan food market would be worth $215 million. It also found Australia was the third fastest growing vegan market in the world after the United Arab Emirates and China. The diet, which excludes the use of animal products, is particularly popular with female millennials in Australia, Ms Dynan says. The Dietitian's Association of Australia spokeswoman says the veganism trend is starting to trickle into older age groups. The hype around gut- and micro-health has made everyone more aware of the value of plant foods, she says.   Source: Aussie vegans


Quote for the month:

“If it came from a plant, eat it; If it was made in a plant, don’t!”   Michael Pollan


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