Sports foods containing DMAA

It is already illegal for sports food brands containing DMAA to be sold. It has been included in Appendix C of the Poisons Standard which means the sale, supply and use of DMAA will be prohibited.    Source: NSW Food Authority



South Island White Mist Sauvignon Blanc has been recalled due to the presence of an undeclared allergen – sulphites.

Barossa Fine Foods ham products – “No Added Nitrite Ham 100g” due to possible (listeria monocytogenes) microbial contamination, and “Double Smoked Ham 100g” due to due to (listeria monocytogenes) microbial contamination.

Weis Dairy Free Dark Chocolate & Coconut Multipack due to the presence of an undeclared allergen (soy).

Banks and Burbidge Alcohol Free Gin – potential for microbial contamination

Devondale 100% Sparkling Apple Juice due to a packaging fault resulting in the potential for glass breakage.

Source: New South Wales Food Authority.

Nature's Delight Xmas Liquorice Mix 500G - the product contains gluten but the label has a ‘Gluten Free’ claim. 

Fruit X Berries Blueberry Chocs - presence of an undeclared allergen (tree nuts [macadamia]).

HLY Brown Sugar Cake - presence of an undeclared allergen (soy)

Essential Ingredient Corn Tortillas - presence of an undeclared allergen (wheat).

Source: Food Standards Australia New Zealand


FSANZ calls for comment on changing definitions for genetically modified foods

Current definitions of ‘food produced using gene technology’ and ‘gene technology’ lack clarity and need to be updated. In the first of two rounds of public consultation, FSANZ invites interested parties to comment on its proposed approach to (a) revise and expand the process-based definition for ‘gene technology’ to capture all methods for genetic modification other than conventional breeding; and (b) revise the definition for ‘food produced using gene technology’ to include specific product-based criteria for excluding certain foods from pre-market safety assessment and approval as GM food. Foods that do not meet all relevant exclusion criteria would still require an application to FSANZ.    Source: FSANZ


Amendments and applications to amend the Food Standards Code

Including nicotinamide riboside chloride as Vitamin B3 in foods for special medical purposes, β Galactosidase from Bacillus subtilis (Enzyme) as a processing aid in dairy food applications,    Source: FSANZ. Also Low-THC hemp leaf, seed sprout and root as food and food ingredients     - FSANZ

RFA Breaking News

Cosmetics, Personal Care and TGA Listed Sunscreens:

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Complementary Medicines and Medical Devices:

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Cosmetic, Personal Care and TGA Listed Sunscreens:

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Complementary Medicines and Medical Devices:

Advertising - testimonials and endorsements. This is a new TGA guidance document that explains the difference between testimonials and endorsements, and which types of each are permitted. For example, testimonials:…


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