Latest Regulatory Affairs Newsletter

A collection of regulatory news from this month.

The product names are Capadex, Di-Gesic, Doloxene and Paradex. These products will be cancelled from the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods on 1st March 2012. The TGA believes that the risks (serious adverse cardiovascular events) outweigh the benefits. (Source: TGA)

Peter Foster was arrested on November 11th and placed into custody over the SensaSlim nasal spray, which was marketed with false claims. Foster has been convicted previously over Bai Lin slimming tea, the Chaste Corporation, financial crimes in the Pacific island countries, and was controversially an adviser to Cherie Blair, the wife of then British PM Tony Blair. (Source: ACCC)

FSANZ has ordered a recall of 1 kg bags of apricot kernels supplied by ChiTree. These kernels contain a high level of hydrocyanic acid which is potentially toxic when consumed in large doses. The product will be re-labelled and will include warnings on the use of the product. (Source: FSANZ)

FSNAZ has drafted a new standard for primary production and processing of seed sprouts. This is to address the problem of food-borne illnesses from ingestion of contaminated sprouts, which cost Australia approximately $2.1 million in 2005 - 2006. (Source: FSANZ)

FSANZ is updating a series of fact sheets which can be viewed here:


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