Latest Regulatory Affairs Newsletter

A collection of regulatory news from this month.

11 January 2012 - This gives information on the general labelling requirements for foods and is now available on the FSANZ website. The information applies both to food for retail sale and to food for catering purposes.
11 January 2012 - FSANZ is assessing an application for approval to use the seed and seed products of Cannabis sativa, with low levels of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as food. Currently any form of Cannabis is prohibited from being added to food or supplied as a food in both Australia and New Zealand. The applicant is Dr Andrew Katelaris, a medical doctor who has long been an advocate of medical use of cannabis.
11 January 2012 - The number 1800 217 257 is now available to concerned members of the public, and the TGA has released statements on their website clarifying their current position.
11 January 2012 - FSANZ has received an application for approval for food derived from corn line 5307, which has been genetically modified for protection against insect pests.
11 January 2012 - The TGA has released a compositional guideline for the listed medicine ingredient “natural fish oil” and this can be viewed on the news section of The TGA also recognises two BP monographs for refined fish oil, namely “Fish Oil, Rich in Omega-3-Acids” and “Farmed Salmon Oil”, along with the monograph for reconfigured fish oil – “Omega-3-Marine Triglycerides”.


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